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[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.5 Release

Wan-Teh Chang-3
The NSPR 4.10.5 release is now available.  The hg tag is
NSPR_4_10_5_RTM.  The source tar file can be downloaded from

An important internal change in NSPR 4.10.5 is that the configure script
was generated using Autoconf 2.69 instead of Autoconf 2.13. If your
build system uses Autoconf and your configure script invokes NSPR's
configure script as a sub-configure, some adjustments may be necessary.

NSPR 4.10.5 has the following bug fixes:
- Bug 50549: Link to ws2_32.lib instead of wsock32.lib under Windows.
- Bug 695993: Update NSPR's config.guess and config.sub, get rid of our
  non-upstreamed hacks. Contributed by Ulrich Weigand.
- Bug 849085: autoconf: Port NSPR's build/autoconf/acwinpaths.m4 to
  autoconf 2.56+.
- Bug 849093: autoconf: Do not call AC_PROG_CC inside a conditional
- Bug 977685: Support powerpc64le-linux platform in NSPR. Contributed by
  Ulrich Weigand.
- Bug 978636: Detect MSYS2 on configure. Contributed by Makoto Kato.
- Bug 981558: Do library timestamping with one-second resolution.
- Bug 986745: Add atomic primitives for Linux ppc64. Contributed by
  Ulrich Weigand.
- Bug 989497: nspr/configure.in should also call AC_PROG_CPP when
- Bug 992471: nspr/configure.in should not check for CROSS_COMPILE in
  the environment.

Wan-Teh Chang
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