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Mozilla List Admin
It should be no secret these days that the Mozilla Foundation and its related projects are no longer a pet project of Netscape, yet until recently, the newsgroups we've been using for public discussions still bore the Netscape name, and our primary news server still lived on AOL (formerly Netscape) hardware.  We've been planning for years to move from netscape.public.mozilla.* to just mozilla.*, and this last January, the time finally came!

In August, we announced a partnership with Giganews Newsgroups (http://www.giganews.com/) to provide NNTP services for our news.mozilla.org domain.  It took a few months of planning to make it happen, but in January, we moved all of the gateway mailing lists and discussions that we still felt were needed over to their new counterparts in the mozilla.* hierarchy.

As part of the move, we also moved our mail-to-news gateway over to a new list server, now living at https://lists.mozilla.org/ .  It has now come time to shut down the old list server in preparation for decomissioning that machine (one step of many that will probably take a few months yet, but that's a story for elsewhere).

If you're reading this message, the newsgroup you're reading it on wasn't one that we wound up moving, and is now being abandoned by Mozilla.  We encourage you to check out the list of new newsgroups/mailing lists at http://www.mozilla.org/community/developer-forums.html .  If you've still got Mozilla-related issues to discuss, there's probably an appropriate place to discuss them listed there.  If there's not, feel free to suggest that we create one by posting on the mozilla.dev.mozilla-org newsgroup or [hidden email] mailing list.

On Sunday, April 23rd, we'll be shutting down the mail-to-news gateway for this newsgroup at mozilla-prefs .

For general information and frequently asked questions about the move to the new news and list servers, see http://www.mozilla.org/community/giganews-migration.html

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, and aren't answered in the above FAQ or on the community developer forums page, please ask in the mozilla.dev.mozilla-org newsgroup or on the [hidden email] mailing list (https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/dev-mozilla-org)

Dave Miller
System Administrator, Mozilla Corporation

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