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A too (for me) complex query

 I write because I would like to learn more details about the
potentialities of XUL, in particular about RDF and queries. I read some
of the official doumentation, the book 'Rapid Application Development
with Mozilla' and some other tutorials available on the web, but I
would like understand how could be implemented some advanced
techniques. I am not an expert programmer so let me try to explain by

 The main scope is to write a user interface in XUL in order to read,
show and edit some simple data dinamically. Normally I can reach this
aim with a web server, a database and some PHP scripts. The question
is: if the data are simple can I do that with XUL? If yes, what is the
optimal structure of this XUL interface? I know, my question is too
vague, so I try to precise the details with the following example.

 Suppose an external application storing some data in a binary form in
some files. For example, you can imagine to have the list of the member
of an association (for examples the member of a photographic club with
name, surname, birth date, equipment, etc.), the list of the groups of
this association (e.g. analogic, digital, sport, nature, professionals,
amateurs, etc.), the list of the member for each groups (just the ID,
but each member can belong to zero, one or more groups), the winner of
prizes and awards for each year (e.g the best B/W photo 2004, 2005,
etc.). I think it is a general example, and it is just theory. There
are many ways to implement this software using other software, I would
like to know if it is possible to do in XUL a user interface like the

 I would like to have a nested tree with a tree for each group and a
treechildren for each member of the group (almost trivial until now).
This tree should be dynamic so the user can choose the groups to show
with some checkboxes; the user can choose in the list of groups with
two additional "virtual" groups: the group of people belonging to all
the groups selected and the group of the people without a group.
Obviosly membership to these virtual groups depends on the group
selected: so what is the optimal choice to implement it?

 Moreover I would like to sort the people in each group using the
distance from their next birthday, ascending or descending user choice.
I have to compute a new key from orignal data and from the current
date. Again it is a dynamic info derived from the starting data.

 Finally I would like for each member to insert in a single treecell
all the prizes or awards he earned. It is possible to do that with a

 Could you help me? Where can I find more info about these subjects
(tutorials, examples, docs)?

 Thanks in advance,

 -- Brivido

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