2006-03-06 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

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2006-03-06 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

Gervase Markham
2006-03-06 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

Present: bc, beltzner, blizzard, coop, dria, dveditz, neil deakin, gerv,
justdave, myk, pike, polvi, shaver, zak, bienvenu, mscott, rebron,
robert strong, vlad, pav, jonas, karen, jay, jst, justin, aravind,
dougt, timr, mitchell, schrep, davel, preed, marcia, sherman, chofmann,
dan portillo, bret, josh.

*Firefox Stable Releases*

- Schedule redone
- Target: March 15th for 1.0.8
- Target: April 11th for
- 8 bugs left for
- 30 bugs to verify
- Hope to have final bits by tomorrow, to start BFTs
- Takes longer because we are doing Thunderbird in parallel

- is the first Intel Mac release
- Releasing as universal binaries

*Firefox 2*

- Places got turned on last Thursday (again)
- Ongoing planning meetings on Tuesdays at 11am, newsgroups and Bon Echo
  mailing list
- Looking at a first alpha within a few weeks, to test the Places back
- A second alpha follows a month later, to test the places front end

- cbeard is taking a lead on making sure we have an overall plan
- "What is Firefox 2 all about?"


- Need to address universal binary issues for Thunderbird also

*Firefox 3*

- Cairo has been turned on on Windows
- Linux is pretty much ready to go this week or next week


- New hire: Director of Product Management: Sherman

- Working on registering the trademark for the RSS icon
- Trying to keep the icon's meaning consistent
  (within an application or on a Web site, a feed is present)

- New marketing initiatives targetting "mainstream" user segments
- Approach needs to be compatible with our open source methods
- Important to keep community informed and involved


- Frank in California this week for the Foundation board meeting
- Booth at the CSUN accessibility conference in LA in a couple of weeks
- National Federation for the Blind online newsletter wrote us up

*And Finally*

- Alex Polvi won the "Student Employee of the Year" Award at Oregon

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