2005-10-17 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meetin

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2005-10-17 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meetin

Gervase Markham
2005-10-17 - Summary of mozilla.org staff meeting

Present: karen, john lilly, mitchell, jay, chase, myk, rafael, jim cook,
asa, vlad, blake, arvind, schrep, dougt, marcia, jst, dveditz,
bsmedberg, bienvenu, beltzner, justdave, bclary, dria, polvi, bienvenu,
brendan, justdave, bclary, dria, polvi.


- 1.5RC scheduled for a week from Friday
- Moved up the code freeze to give us some breathing room (Sunday will
   be the date)
- 28 blocker bugs currently on the list
- RC1 -> meant to be 1.5 (not a secondary landing spot for any bugs)

- Two roadmaps => product roadmap and technology roadmap
- Will take FF product and technology roadmap and publish it in a more
   public forum

*New Employees*

- Dave Liebreich - very experienced QA manager and hands-on technical
   person starting tomorrow

- Paul Kim starts tomorrow
- working in Marketing with Chris Beard


- SpreadFirefox will probably relaunch today
- Approaching 100 million downloads

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