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2.18 Users: 2.18 Lockdown Approaching

Max Kanat-Alexander
        Hey Bugzilla 2.18 users! With the release of 2.20 (which may be
happening within the next several weeks) the 2.18 branch will be locked
down basically to security fixes only. That will be 2.18.4 or 2.18.5.

        So, if you are experiencing any particularly bothersome bugs in the
2.18 series, make sure to nominate them on bugzilla.mozilla.org to block
Bugzilla 2.18.4! :-) You do this by setting the "blocking2.18.4" flag on
them to "?".

        If we change that "?" to a "+", that means we basically won't release
2.18.4 until we resolve that bug, so you're guaranteed a much better
chance of it being resolved soon.

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