Release Team Meeting Notes - 2006-06-12

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| Release Team Meeting Notes - 2006-06-12

Marcia Knous
Participants: dveditz, jonas, marcia, rhelmer, axel, jay, timr

Reviewed the Following Sets of Bugs:

*Blocker Nominations
*Approval Requests for Blockers
*Approval Requests for Non-Blockers

Needs Branch Patch

*Not much traction on the list.
*dveditz to send out mail reminding folks to get patches in by Friday in
order to keep on track for our freeze date next week

Fixed Bugs

*82 on the list, but many are Xforms related


*QA will begin verifications this week

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 2 PM PDT

    Toll-free Number:        866-432-7917
    International Number:    334-309-0297

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