The mission of the Mozilla project is to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet. The project is:
    * The producer and provider of the award-winning Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail software.
    * A software development tools provider.
    * An open source community of developers and testers.
    * A partner for the technology industry.
    * An advocate for standards on the Net who provides tools for developing standard web content.
    * Educators, providing educational materials about Internet technologies and software development.
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For everything with no forum of its own: discussion about any and all aspects of the Mozilla source code, and all the things that we're doing here at 6477 113061
by Wolf K.
This forum is for developers working on Seamonkey, the code name for the Mozilla software suite. Also check out the browser, mail/news, and editor forums. 6802 25814
by Frederik Braun
14081 40747
by balaguru42
For JavaScript engines, including Spidermonkey (JavaScript in C) and Rhino (JavaScript in Java). For scripting support, use scripting resources. 2342 7797
by lemmel
4052 17122
by Tito-12
New source releases will be announced here. This is a low-volume, moderated group, for announcements only (not discussions). 281 285
by Julien Cristau
For QA discussion, including using Bugzilla, Mozilla testing, and bug triaging. Do not report bugs here. 2029 4389
by Mihai Boldan
For discussions about porting Mozilla to OS/2. 2574 21455
by Christer Jacobsson
For discussions about cryptography, and cryptographic issues surrounding the Mozilla source code. See our PKI project for more info. 7108 18053
by Robert Relyea
4380 48128
by Jordan Harband
If you have trouble compiling the source, or have an idea to improve the build system this is the place to discuss. 2073 7125
by mdenber
For localization (L10N) issues. L10N is the process of adapting software to a specific language and culture (see also internationalization). 4485 20506
by Theo Chevalier-2
For the accessibility development effort, as well as discussions for users on using Mozilla with the keyboard, screen readers, screen magnifiers and voice dictation products. 917 3025
by don_dillard
This is the project forum for implementing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Mozilla. 522 1717
by Cameron McCormack-4
For discussions about the implementation of W3C's Mathematical Markup Language. 203 684
by Soheil Shirazi
Security issues such as specific security problems or ideas for making the code as a whole more secure can be discussed here. Cryptography, however, is not within this group's charter. 910 4687
by Mozilla - Security m...
For discussions about the portable runtime code used by Mozilla. Also check out other plug-in forums. 257 650
by Kai Engert-4
For discussions of future ideas, ranging from the practical to the far out. Read the wishlist FAQ to see if your wish has already been discussed. Also check out the related Blue Sky column. 1027 2909
by �
This list is for end-user and administrator support with the various products that make up the Mozilla Webtools Suite, which includes Bonsai, Tinderbox, LXR, Mozbot, Doctor, and anything else checked out from the mozilla/webtools directory in CVS, except for Bugzilla. 736 1824
by mariajmachado02
For discussions about the C SDK, Java SDK, and PerLDAP, which are toolkits for developing LDAP applications. 315 1115
by LA
For discussions about document layout in Mozilla, including Gecko. Also check out style and SVG forums. 824 2810
by sara gwadii
For discussions about the Mozilla Networking Library, a.k.a. netlib. 475 1593
by ddamjanovic
For the standard-based Calendar project 1774 6511
by WaltS48-9
This forum is for discussions about the Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) that we are using to purvey and discover interfaces between independently versioned and loaded modules. XPCOM combined with XPIDL also provides scriptability. 814 2439
by hirenkansara77
The goal of the Mozilla XForms project is to implement the W3C XForms 1.0 SE recommendation in Mozilla as an extension.
The extension aims to work with all Mozilla projects building on the Mozilla platform, like Firefox, SeaMonkey, XULRunner, etc.
569 2216
by konigg97
For discussions about the licensing terms of the Mozilla source code. 156 529
by Mozilla - License ma...
For discussion of chat, instant messaging and similar interactive messaging protocol and UI integration (such as ChatZilla) in Mozilla. 86 160
by alt155
For use by those interested in hiring folks to work on Mozilla-related projects as well as by those seeking such work. 270 320
by Pratik Rai
For discussions about plug-ins. Developers may also check out Java, NSPR and OJI forums. 1034 2424
by aeelsgdknr
For embedding Mozilla components such as Gecko, ender, and JavaScript into software (see also Layout, small-device embedding, and footprint. 1481 4041
by yaolixing
For Open JVM Integration (OJI), which extends the plug-in architecture to allow Java virtual machines to be plugged into Mozilla. 319 664
by mike.7nani
For discussions about using XML in Mozilla. 191 620
by isioma.rok
For discussions about installation related technology in Mozilla including packaging and updating. 67 119
by Cole82
Qt is another GUI toolkit, and some folks are interested in a version of Mozilla that uses it. This forum is for discussions about that effort. 11 12
by doggygps
For discussions about the JavaScript Debugger (Venkman). Questions about how to use, program, or document the debugger, as well as feature requests are on-topic here. 179 547
by colourart2001
For discussions about the Cross-Platform Front End (XPFE), toolkit for providing Web browsing and scripting UI and application logic for the layout engine. 2410 7773
by Abhay Kumar Somani
For discussions about documentation: how it should be written, distributed, maintained, and so on. This is not the place to ask where help files are. 62 105
by markrainsun7
For discussions about internationalization (I18N) issues. I18N is the infrastructure that allows software to be localized. 74 202
by Suraj Kawade
For discussions about HTML and text editing controls, including the Composer component, rich text editing and text widgets. 87 187
by dawn.dropkick
For discussions about the Document Object Model (DOM) in Mozilla. For scripting discussions, see the scripting resources page. 720 2511
by 郑宗毅
For discussions about the Resource Description Framework (RDF) including the Aurora module. 94 270
by Barbour,Iris
This forum targets towards development and testing engineers for technical discussions that help to improve the performance of the Mozilla code. 135 588
by Taras Glek-3
For discussions of use of the XSL Transformations language in the Mozilla layout engine. 182 556
by n.srividya
Discussions about porting the Mozilla browser to or embedding it in small devices belong here. 62 89
by Ken Perry-3
For discussion about management of user preference data via profiles and preference settings. 8 15
by Mozilla List Admin
This forum is the posting board for reviewers. Requests for patch review and change of review status in Bugzilla are automatically posted here. 0 0 Empty